Manufactured items often are, or are made out to be, different from other similar goods in one or more aspects, and are sold commonly under a particular brand name. Extent to which a good can be manufactured with relative ease at minimum cost and maximum reliability.

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A business that specializes in some form of service provision usually needs to have qualified staff members on hand that are regularly available to perform the services that it offers to consumers. Customer service adds value to a product and builds enduring relationship.

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An investor who seeks to profit from price fluctuations rather than a change in the intrinsic value of a security or derivative product. A trader typically holds a security for periods as short as a few minutes to several weeks. A trader typically holds a security for periods as short as a few minutes to several weeks.

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The export barriers in India have been hampering Indian exports to a great extent and most of such barriers have been announced by the European Union regarding certification requirements, application of pesticides, dumping of waste products. But the most significant export barrier faced by the Indian exporters is red tapism which is mostly accompanied by corruption.

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Government Schemes

Government schemes aimed at stimulating private sector interest in specified types of capital expenditure, or investment in areas of high unemployment or backwardness. These incentives may take the form of direct subsidies (investment grants) or corporate income tax credits (investment credit) that compensates the investors for their capital costs.

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Welcome to our site!, Ocean of information offers a web-based search utility which helps members save substantial time and increase their efficiency in their search for technologies, market information, potential partners and any other type of information which is of use to technology transfer and innovation-support in the exercise of their everyday work. Provides information the Indian /overseas Technology transfers and the knowledge of market acquisition.

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